Pilates is a mindful form of exercise where each movement is performed consciously, with slow control and with a particular breathing pattern. To the uneducated eye, Pilates movements may look simple but the concentration required ensures that Pilates uses both physical and mental conditioning. Pilates supports the way our bodies were designed to move. All movement emanates from the “powerhouse”, the large powerful group of muscles at the very center of the body which move and stabilize the trunk and pelvis. If there is control and stability at the center, movement flows out from it easily.

There are 2 types of muscles, stabilizers and mobilizers. When they are working perfectly the body is balanced and all the groups of muscles work in synergy and joints are held in their most favorable, natural position, known as “neutral”. In neutral the body has “ideal posture” but many factors can affect the posture, from illness and injury to sports, hobbies or work related factors, and over time the body learns bad habits and adapts to the new conditions. Muscles can lengthen or tighten and become shorter or  weaker causing the whole movement pattern of the body to become out of balance, often resulting in pain, stiffness and restricted movement. Pilates re-educates the body back to its correct alignment by going right back to basics and teaching body awareness and practicing good movement patterns so the body engages the correct muscles to bring itself back into balance. 

The breath is the essential link between mind and body.

Be present in the moment, pay attention to what you are doing.

Understand and maintain the proper form, alignment and effort during an entire exercise.

Developing a strong, stable and flexible centre is one of the defining features of Pilates.

Precision in movement means being able to perform exercises with proper form every time you practice.

Pilates aims to develop the body in a uniformed way to create a more balanced and efficient body.

All Pilates movements are done with a sense of rhythm and flow. This creates smooth, graceful and functional movements and decreases the stress placed on our joints.

Pilates integrates the mind and body to create a flowing whole body experience with clarity,  purpose and balance.

Pilates brings a balance between effort and relaxation. It helps us learn how to release unnecessary tension in our bodies to find ease in movement.

*Anyone can do it, whatever age or level of fitness
*Improved posture
*Improved core strength with a flatter stomach and a trimmer waist
*Improved flexibility
*Improved balance
*Heightened body awareness
*Greater strength and muscle tone
*A longer leaner look without muscle bulk
*More freedom of movement
*Greater joint mobility
*Increased bone density
*Less incidence of back pain
*Fewer headaches (where they are posture based)
*Boosted immune system
*Lowered stress levels
*Better circulation
*More efficient lymphatic system, therefore less toxins in the body
*Improved performance in sports
*A way of preventing injury.


High barn beauty & pilates

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Pilates is such a precise form of exercise it is difficult to grasp the true concept of it in a large group session. During large classes the instructor is often unable to give each individual the attention they need to perform all the exercises correctly and get the most out of the session. With 1-2-1 training or very small groups individuals have the instructors undivided attention and you can be sure that you are learning and performing all the moves correctly, sometimes just the slightest hands on “tweak” from the instructor can make all the difference. The instructor can personally demonstrate and then guide you step by step through each exercise making sure your body is getting the most out of the workout. The sessions are all tailored to your personal needs depending on your posture type or injuries etc. and they will be progressed at your rate when your body is ready to try something more challenging. Even if you are a Pilates regular, maybe you have already been attending classes, you will still be amazed at how much more you learn during a 1-2-1 session. With a great range of equipment from a simple mat to a studio reformer you can be sure that at High Barn Beauty & Pilates there is always a new and different way to progress your Pilates. Give it a try – you will be hooked! ​